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What the experts say:

"Essential listening for anyone contemplating marriage."
Shraga Simmons
Director, SpeedDating.com

"This series is very thorough and immensely valuable."
Hilary Rich, author
"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marriage"

"A six-part audio book that cuts through the hit-or-miss system of blind dates and broken promises to help singles meet, woo and win their soul mates."
Jewish Press Review

"This series is a 'must' for couples seeking a meaningful, long-term marriage. It is packed-full of wisdom by well-respected experts, in valuable research, fun, and step-by-step guidelines explaining how to have a rewarding marital relationship."
Dr. Irene Kassorla, author "Go For It"
former host on:
CNN Worldwide, ABC-Talk Radio Nationwide, & "Good Morning America"

"We are living in an age in which interpersonal communication has all but broken down completely. It is therefore my pleasure to recommend the 'Get The Ring' audio series on dating and marriage. The guidelines it offers on how to achieve positive communication and mutual understanding in relationships is priceless, and is sure to enhance any relationship immeasurably."
Irwin Katsof, author
"Words Can Heal"
co author of "Powerful Prayers" with Larry King of CNN

"Whether clueless or hip, religious or couldn't-care-less, thoughtful persons in search of an enduring relationship will find the insights needed in this guide to perceptive dating and a well-grounded marriage. To David LeVine, the producer of these audio CDs, and to all who listen up, I say 'L'Chaim! May you live harmoniously ever after.'"
Huston Horn
Episcopal Priest, Diocese of Los Angeles

"This tape series is a gold mine. Totally listener-friendly and engaging, it is chock full of deep, sound advice, inspiration, and ageless wisdom. If its contents were taught and absorbed in schools and universities, the number of successful, happy marriages would soar."
Gila Manolson, author
"The Magic Touch"

"There are so many stages in dating and marriage that each one alone could fill a book; rare is the product, be it in book or tape form, which succeeds in touching upon all of them. The “Get The Ring” audio series is a welcome exception. It is at once comprehensive and user-friendly; it leads the listener from that crucial pre-dating phase of gaining a greater self-awareness, through effective dating and on to the fundamental tools that build a lasting marriage. I recommend this series to all those whose goal it is to get married."
Rabbi Zvi Schachtel, Director
Partners in Shidduchim

"TO LISTENERS: I enjoyed listening to these tapes and also learned a great deal. I immediately lent them to two of my clients who are dating. One reported back that she had had two dates with a young man and was planning to get into a serious discussion about marriage on the third date. But after listening to the tapes, she decided to change her tactics completely, to go slow and get to know him better first. The tapes helped her understand how she could go about doing this. David LeVine has done a beautiful and necessary job in putting out these tapes. I'm sure he has a special place Up There for helping many couples get to the Chuppa who might otherwise not have done so. We were all groping in the dark on the dating issue until now. THANK YOU, David and to the contributors, who gave of their wisdom and practical experience."
Dr. Miriam Adahan

"This is great material. It should be very helpful to anyone who wants to get married, and to stay happily married for a lifetime."
Rabbi Nachum Braverman, author
"The Death of Cupid: Reclaiming the Wisdom of Love, Dating, Romance and Marriage"

"I recommend listening to Get The Ring if you are serious about getting married and building a lasting relationship."
Dr. Robert Wegbreit, PhD.

"Excellent ideas."
Bob Burg, author
"Winning Without Intimidation"

"For those who are single, this will give you the pricesless clarity to choose, and choose wisely. It will give you wisdom to not only find a mate, but to find your true soulmate."
Lori Palatnik, author
"Remember My Soul", "Friday Night and Beyond", "Gossip" and International Jewish Educator, creator of the seminar "How to Find the Right One"

"This tape series gives practical tips for dating in an interactive format. The various styles of the speakers allows for a wide array of people to relate to the information. Everyone should find some tools relevant to make their dating experience a positive one."
Amy Barnett, MSW
Director of Jewish Family Institute
Livingston, NJ

What our customers say:

"Having dated for several years, I thought I knew all there was to know about the topic. Then I listened to Get The Ring. Suddenly I had a completely fresh view on looking for a marriage partner. This new approach, together with the practical advice presented in this professionally produced audio series, truly made a difference to my life. I listened to Get The Ring ... and became engaged to the next guy I dated."
Debbie Grant
New Jersey

Update: Married 3 months after Get The Ring purchase

"Dear Mr. LeVine,
Thank you so much for putting together this comprehensive overview on love, dating and marriage. I always thought I knew everything one needed to know about finding a mate until I listened to your CD's and heard what your experts had to say! Wow, now I have a whole new attitude and approach to dating and relationships. Never before had I heard the information that was revealed, such as who to say NO to after one date, what qualities are a MUST to determine the right mate and what's needed in the foundation of a relationship to make a happy home. I am very excited to begin my search with a new perspective, thanks again and come dance at my wedding - soon!!"
Warmest Regards,
D. Rosenberg 33 from NYC

Update: Married 5 months after Get The Ring purchase

"Worth Its Weight In Gold
Get The Ring is an excellent six CD audio collection that provides invaluable insight for singles about finding the right person for marriage. David LeVine interviews many reliable resources within the Jewish Dating Community who provide common sense back to basics advice. Whereas this CD is a bit more focused on the Jewish Community, persons of other faiths can certainly utilize this information.
      The people interviewed on this CD set all have varying styles. Rabbi Shimon Green is certainly the must humorous of the bunch. Lawrence Kelemen certainly reflects on societal issues the most. Excellent points on how seeking the one you love is not taught in school. Too much of an emphasis on venereal diseases instead of how to treat a member of the opposite sex.
      Regardless of who is speaking, excellent advise flows like a river into a stream. It's important for single people to evaluate strengths and weaknesses carefully. What are key deal breakers? Also what are potential red flags? It's very important to notice how someone treats those whom he or she has a casual relationship with like a telephone operator.
      Also the importance of physical attraction, ethics, and how long should one date someone. Another key point is to network when dating someone. Getting recommendations from trustworthy people always helps. You are oh so precious why not go the extra mile.
      Other sections emphasize the value of being humble and acts of kindness as more important than raw chemistry. Kindness and a humble attitude can actually create long lasting chemistry as opposed to a flash in the pan relationship where both parties never take the time to know the person.
      I could emphasize so many other good moments of this CD for many more moments. However the deep meaning behind the words of wisdom from these speakers is what will provide long lasting knowledge to many single people out there. This is a must purchase for anyone in search for true love. "
Glenn J. Wiener
Westchester, NY

"I felt like the speakers were talking directly to me, because I knew this was information I needed to hear now. I found it very useful and entertaining to listen to. With G-ds help I hope to soon be one of your success stories!"
Jim Pollak
New Jersey

Update: Married 4 months after Get The Ring purchase

"I was really inspired listening to the "Get the Ring" series. I have heard and read a great deal on dating and it is by far, the most informative, educational and motivational dating guide I have come across!"
Rachel Fatoorachi
Northbrook, IL

"This is a superb compilation to get in shape for life with your better half. It's an intense workout for your inner self."
Sam Daniger
Harvard College, 1995

Married: Uses GTR to help single friends.

"What I can say in a few bullet points are:
   1) Advice that speaks through experience which a younger generation should listen to from an elder time. Old fashioned advice with a new twist!
   2) Keeping an open mind about dating without loosing interest in your current partner.
   3) While I am not in a current relationship, it helps you to remain focused on what you should look for in a potential partner: common goals!"
Rachael Goldman
New Brunswick, NJ

"Very insightful pointers and down-to-earth advice propelled me to continue to listen, absorb, and apply these fascinating ideas to my own dating experience. I gained a solid understanding of what is important in a marriage and how to honestly evaluate a relationship. "Get the Ring" will significantly enhance your approach towards marriage."
Chavi Miller
Brooklyn NY

Update: Married 6 months after Get The Ring purchase

"'Get The Ring' is an absolute classic. The invaluable advice and deep insight of the speakers, presented in a professional audio package, make it a unique and refreshing 'must' for anyone who is dating. 'Get The Ring' made a big difference to my life, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of their soul mate."
Goldie Halpern

Update: Married 2 months after Get The Ring purchase

"Dov Heller gave me "the" advice which lead me to find my wife after fruitless years of searching."
Jonathan Cooper
Cherry Hill, NJ

Married: Uses GTR to help single friends.

"I was looking for a resource that would provide me with practical, realistic and helpful information on dating and marriage in these confusing times. After reading 13 books on this subject, I found that "Get The Ring" is exactly what I was looking for and if followed, the advice contained therein must take one closer to finding his or her Soul Mate."
Adam Pollock
San Francisco, CA

Update: Married 9 months after Get The Ring purchase

"I listened to all of it today while doing other things and it was beautiful. I wish this was taught in the school system as part of the usual curriculum from kindergarten on.... it would really decrease the divorce rate."
Theresa Brewer

"Thank you very much for producing "Get the Ring". It has been wonderful. My girlfriend and I have both listened to it (twice!). Hearing all the advice in one place and from so many different sources served to soldify much of what we have heard most of our lives. I'm telling everyone I know who is dating about it (including my 16 year old sister!). We intend to get engaged shortly (I'm ring shopping right now). :-)"
Steven N.
New York

"I bought "Get the Ring" and I really felt in tune with the messages of the speakers."
Adam Rosenbloom
New York City

"I am loving it! I think young people are looking for something like this. It will really help clarify many crucial issues that people are grappling with. I could have used it in my life 25 years ago....."
Josh Boretsky
St. Louis, MO

Married: Uses GTR in counseling.

"I started to listen and I love the CDs....Thank you for your great series,it clarified my definition of marriage. I hope it brings blessings to everyone."
Roberta Carasso
Santa Ana, CA

"I just purchased Get The Ring as a donwloaded file and although I haven't heard the whole audiobook, I had to stop to write this note. The message GTR contains has confirmed, so far, all I feel on an intuitive basis about marriage and dating, as well as provided enormous relief from the aftereffects of a wrenching breakup with a man I had intended to marry. I believe that I've spared myself, and him, much grief. At the same time I have felt very alone and uncertain if I was doing the correct thing. All I can say is thank you! I am profoundly grateful for the confirmation of the 'rightness' of my decision and that I am actually ready for marriage. Finding your audiobook is hopefully more than serendipity. Bless you."
Anne R.

"Thanks for a SPECTACULAR CD series! It truly puts the challenges of dating into the right perspective."
Rebeca Malamud
Philadelphia, PA

"Shalom and thank you for your gift to all singles, especially Jewish ones, of Get the Ring!
      My best friend knew she was definitely with the right man when her boyfriend ordered Get the Ring and insisted they listen to it together. It has strengthed their relationship a thousandfold and helped them work through the one crisis that threatened their relationship - they are now planning to get married next year.
      I knew I was definitely with the right man because of listening to Get the Ring -- I was one of those women who in the past had leaned toward "bad boys" and then wondered why my relationships were terrible. GTR made me realize that the man I was dating was about as close as a gal could get to the perfect guy and I should appreciate him, and also made me realize how I could better my half of our relationship. We're planning to get married this summer!
      I recommend GTR to anyone who will listen, Jewish or not, looking or not, married or not. The truths are universal and wonderfully presented - straightforward with no wishy-washyness but with humor and compassion.
Shifra Raymond
Cheyenne, WY

I purchased Get The Ring I guess about a year ago. What a good investment! Unfortunately, I was newly divorced at that time, and I didn't want to make the same mistakes I had made before in selecting a new spouse. Well, in January, I got engaged to a terrific young lady after dating her for six months, and we are going to be married, G-d willing, this May.
      I wanted to thank you for putting together a terrific learning experience. I've listened to the CDs maybe 7 or 8 times, and I really learn something new each time I review them. I even gave the CDs to my fiance (before we were engaged), and she enjoyed them, also. I will also want my 18 year old daughter to listen to them.
      I think you have done a great public service by producing this CD set. Anyone interested in having a successful marriage (or re-marriage) should listen to them. Believe me, getting divorced was very painful, and I don't ever want to go through that experience again. I believe that with the help of Get The Ring, I have a significantly better chance that my new marriage will be successful.
Zack Rosenblatt
Miami, FL

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