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Get The Ring: How to Find & Keep the Right One for Life.
Shimon Green - Part 5

would be good for them. That happens a lot. I’ve seen that like a billion times. I’ve seen it in the guys’ eyes, I’ve seen it in the girls’ eyes. I’ve seen them meeting… but they said goodbye to the love of their life. I see it all the time. I try not to cry on the spot, but I see consistently, they say goodbye to the love of their life. And why is that? Because they said goodbye to the person that was going to hold their hand when they were down, the person who would be there for them, the person who would just be nice to them. And that’s what it’s all about. When we want to think about our partner… and this is what I’d do… I mean, thank God I’m married, but this is what I’d do. I look at a person that I want to marry. I’m looking to see one thing. You’re going to flip. What do most people do? Well, they’re going to say — What is this person going to provide for me? No. What I would do is this — When I look at a person to see if I want to marry them, I would look and say — Is this a person I want to be nice to? Is this a person I get the feeling: Wow, when I see this person I just want to get them things, I just want to do something for this person. That is what you’re looking for. If you see a person and you just want to go and get them something, you want to go bring them something, you want to make them smile. All you want to do is please that person. That is the person that you’re getting close… you’re getting close. I’ll tell you how to know if you want to get married, but that is basically what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a person, where you can’t hold yourself back. Did you ever see a little baby and you want to hug them? Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s like a physical… you have a physical desire… it’s like eating. If you also get a physical desire to do something nice for this person, that is a very strong potential candidate for getting married. That is what you’re looking for. I really want to be nice to this person. That’s the person that you’re looking for and don’t look at the outside… they might be fat, skinny, they might be dumb. What do you think you’re marrying? You think you’re marrying a computer?

Let me tell you a story. Listen to this. You’re going to freak. One of my favorite stories in the world is a story by John Steinbeck. I read all his books when I was a kid. I think this one’s Sweet Thursday but if it’s not it’s one of the ones on the same thing. A lot of his books take place up in Salinas and Monterey. The hero in all these books is a guy named Doc. He’s a marine biologist. Everybody loves him. He’s a kind person. The people of town are all real characters. And one guy in the town he’s basically a dimwit. He’s a dimwit and he loves Doc more than anybody. He’s crazy about him. At one point Doc’s got a problem and nobody really knows what it is. I mean if anybody that reads and knows people, then he knows that Doc’s down, he’s depressed and he can’t figure it out, but this dimwit is going around and asking the smart people. What to do? And this one’s blabbing off. You do this… You do that… This guy is not too bright but he loves Doc and he finishes the interviews of all the smart people in town. He’s so dumb he sits down under a tree to try and collate all the material, and the effort of just analyzing what he said was so great, what all the people said, he actually faints.

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