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Get The Ring: How to find and keep the Right One for life

How to Find the Love of Your Life

Dear Friend,

Have you had it up to here with the singles scene?

I don't need to tell you the litany of sad stories. I'm sure you've seen and heard... and maybe felt it all. Too many tears... too many hurt and broken hearts.

Are you tired of dates that leave you feeling even more lonely? Sick of one-sided relationships that eat your heart out? Fed up with users and takers?

How long will you put off meeting--and winning--your own soul mate? How many more miserable dates, broken promises and broken dreams are you willing to endure before you break out of the cycle?

The longer you wait to learn the secret of a happy marriage the longer you might stay lonely and frustrated. Or have you already given up on finding a lifelong soul mate?

Before you throw your hands up in despair, let me tell you, there is hope!

Finding a loving, lasting relationship is not an impossible dream. Now you can avoid making the tragic mistakes that have brought nothing but misery to so many of your friends. Discover the same techniques for finding a mate that have resulted in the most successful marriages... and the lowest divorce rate... in the world!

How I Discovered the Secrets to Finding -and Winning- My Soul Mate... in the Last Place I Expected

I'll admit it. The advice--and the source of information--in Get The Ring is so shocking... so contrary to everything you may have taken for granted... that only the amazing success rate of those who use this method makes it believable! But before I tell you who they are, let me tell you how I found them and why I reluctantly (then happily) followed their advice.

Back in 1990 I started my own search for a lifelong love. I saw the serial date-suicide my friends and others were committing. The divorce rate of over 50% was scary enough. Add to that all the 30-something and 40-something friends who are still "looking" and you begin to wonder if a dream mate is just some Hollywood fantasy.

But I didn't give up searching until I found the people who have a divorce rate of only a few percent! Compare that to the national divorce rate of over 50%. Who has such an incredibly low divorce rate? Only one group: Traditional Jews. At first I was very skeptical. There must be something in their religion, I thought. They're probably not allowed to get divorced I said. But guess what! I was wrong! Not only are Traditional Jews allowed to get divorced, in certain cases it's actually encouraged.

So I started asking. How and why are they so successful in their marriages? And I found out that it's a combination of attitude and principles that have somehow tragically been lost in our society. That's how I discovered the secret of how to find the one I was looking for... from the last group of experts I'd ever think to consult.... And we've been happily married since 1994!

So what makes this system so successful? The key to its success is an enlightening and fresh outlook on dating, relationships and marriage.

The more I saw the heartache my friends were going through, the more I realized that what's needed today is a distillation of 3,500 years of wisdom on dating and marriage into one understandable, practical program that anyone could use--Jewish or non-Jewish. If you don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's Real Jewish Rye, you certainly don't have to be Jewish to love your soul mate!

Based on that, I set out to bring together a set of exclusive interviews, geared for a general audience, culling the best advice from seven of the top speakers on dating and marriage. It is practical, clear information that will literally transform people's lives and help them not only find the Right One, but also build a lasting and loving relationship.

People who have listened to this series (married people also!) are amazed at how thoroughgoing and on target the information is. Married people often say, "Why didn't I have this when I was dating?!" and "Even now it's a great help. Like a marriage counselor in a box!"

Now I want you to discover for yourself how you can use these same secrets to meet and win your own soul mate....

The Secrets of Getting Happily Married

Here are just some of the things you will learn in Get The Ring:

Crash-Proofing Course

Taken together, Get The Ring gives you an intensive crash-proofing course in finding your mate, getting and staying happily married. It combines the wisdom of the ages with the wit and practical experience of counselors dealing with real life issues on a daily basis. You simply cannot go wrong following their guidance.

But I don't want you to take my word for it. I'm going to make you an offer that makes it easy to see for yourself. Please order it now and listen to it--RISK FREE! You must be satisfied! Just please do me a favor and send me a note with the happy news! I look forward to sending you a personal hearty "Mazel Tov!"

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