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The Pretty Woman Lie
It's like a singles bar dream come true: You pick up a woman (or a man, for that matter) who looks good to you, begin an intimate physical relationship, and the rest will just follow. Right?

10 Stupid Things You Shouldn't Say On a Date Quiz
Ten stupid things you shouldn't say on a date.

Relationships Require Patience
We have become so accustomed to instant results that we - perhaps subconsciously - expect relationships to work the same way.

Avoid the 5 Dating Pitfalls
To make sure it doesn't happen to either one of us, here's the lowdown on five of the most common dating pitfalls around.

The Dirty Dancing Love Lie
Welcome to the Dirty Dancing love lie: Love just happens.

The Cinderella Love Lie
Don't fall for the Hollywood Love Lie - that love solves problems.

Finding Your Soul Mate on Facebook
Although officially Facebook is not an online dating site, many consider it to be one in disguise.

Blind Date Quiz
Take our blind date quiz and find out how you would do on a blind date.

The Wrong Way to Date on Facebook
Although online dating has been growing in popularity, Facebook has given it a whole new twist.

Expect the Person to Change - Way 1
They expect the person to change after marriage.

Focus on Chemistry - Way 2
They focus on chemistry, not on character.

Do Not Understand Emotional Needs - Way 3
They do not understand the emotional needs of the other person.

Do Not Share Common Priorities - Way 4
They don't share common life purpose and priorities.

Get Intimate Too Quickly - Way 5
They get intimately involved before they are intellectually committed.

Do Not Have Deep Connection - Way 6
They don't have a deep emotional connection to the person.

Choose Someone Not Safe - Way 7
They choose someone with whom they don't feel emotionally safe.

Do Not Discuss Essentials - Way 8
They don't discuss essential and important issues before getting married.

Think Marriage Will Solve Problems - Way 9
They think that marriage will solve their problems.

Pick Someone Not Emotionally Healthy - Way 10
They pick someone who is not emotionally healthy.

How do you know
How do you know when you've met the right one?

The Jell-O Dating Rule
The phone rang. Meg looked at the caller-ID display, and felt herself tighten. It was Danny.

The Truth About Expectations After Marriage
Jeff and Debbie are dating, and things are going very well. So well, in fact, that they are seriously discussing marriage.

The Chemistry of True Love
But love is blind, and lovers cannot see.

Never Get Married Because You Are In Love
I'll repeat that. Never get married because you're in love.

How to Survive and Enjoy (!) a Blind Date
You may not agree, but it seems to me that blind dates are high on the list of things that everyone loves to hate. I have just one question - why?

Change Your Dating Reality
I want to share with you the key to finding the Right One and getting married the quickest way possible -- guaranteed.

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