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Pick Someone Not Emotionally Healthy - Way 10

Pick Someone Not Emotionally Healthy - Way 10

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Way Number 10:
They pick someone who is not emotionally healthy.

People tend to pick the wrong person because they or the one whom they are dating is involved in a triangle. We're used to seeing love triangles on soap operas all the time. But these are not the only kinds of triangles. "Triangulation" means that a person is emotionally dependent on something or someone else while trying to develop another relationship at the same time.

The classic example of triangulation is a person who is still emotionally dependent on his or her parents. But things like work, drugs, Internet addiction, hobbies, sports or money can also be sources of triangles. Triangles are very dangerous to a relationship, because they ensure that no matter how much the person involved in a triangle wants to connect with his or her spouse, the triangulated person or thing will always vie for equal attention.

Make sure that both you and your partner are triangle-free. Remember: A person caught in a triangle can never be fully emotionally available to you - and if you are involved in a triangle, then you will never be able to be fully emotionally available to your partner. You will not be their number one priority, and they will not be yours. And that's no basis for a marriage.

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