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Expect the Person to Change - Way 1

Expect the Person to Change - Way 1

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Although there may be any number of mistakes that people make when they decide to get married, there are ten extremely common ones. If you can internalize these 10 items, then you will be well on your way toward a happy and rewarding relationship.

Way Number 1:
They expect the person to change after marriage.

Repeat the following sentence to yourself at least three times before you go out on a date:

Never marry potential.
Never marry potential.
Never marry potential.

If you don't feel that you can be happy with the person as they are now, then don't get married. One marriage counselor went so far as to phrase it like this: "You can expect people to change after they're married...for the worse!"

Ask yourself honestly: Can I live with this person's character, personal appearance, level of spirituality (or lack thereof), communication skills, or any other personal habits or idiosyncrasies that I see as we are dating? If you can't and it's something so important to you that you feel it has to change, then don't let the relationship go any further.

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