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Do Not Understand Emotional Needs - Way 3

Do Not Understand Emotional Needs - Way 3

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Way Number 3:
They do not understand the emotional needs of the other person.

Although Western society has gone to great pains to show that men and women are not that different, the truth remains that they are, especially in the emotional arena. Since women have a greater tendency to be emotionally attuned to others, more often than not it's the man who just doesn't seem to get it.

Men, do yourselves a favor and memorize this next line.

A woman's greatest need is to be loved by her husband and to feel that she is the most important person in his life.

What this means for husbands is that they need to give their wives quality attention on a regular basis. Surprisingly enough, this fact of life is reflected in ancient Jewish tradition. In Judaism, the man bears the onus of understanding and fulfilling his wife's emotional needs.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Jewish tradition's approach to physical intimacy. Judaism obligates the husband to meet his wife's needs, and intimacy is always on her terms. Men are inclined to be goal-oriented in general, and especially in this area; as a wise woman once pointed out, "Men have two speeds: on and off."

Women, on the other hand, are by and large experience-oriented. They have any number of "speeds" which are determined by the degree to which their experiences with their husbands are positive. When a man succeeds in altering his perspective and becoming more experience-oriented, he will discover those elements that make his wife very happy. When a husband sets his own needs aside and focuses on giving his wife as much pleasure as possible, amazing things happen, and he finds that his needs are being met to a greater degree than ever before.

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