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10 Stupid Things You Shouldn't Say On a Date Quiz

10 Stupid Things You Shouldn't Say On a Date Quiz

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Have you ever been at a restaurant and overheard another date's conversation - and wondered how he or she could say something like...

Well, I hate to say it, but it's much easier to see other people's mistakes than our own.

Here are simulated conversations between Alison and Greg on their first, second and third dates. Take our quiz to find out if you can identify ten stupid things you shouldn't say on a date.

10 Stupid Things You Shouldn't Say On a Date

  1. First Date - Greg asks: Would you like to take a walk on the pier, or have some coffee and dessert first?

    Alison's response: Whichever you prefer.
    Alison's response: I hate coffee.
    Alison's response: Let's take a walk first.

  2. Alison asks: What's it like to be a lawyer for LegalAid?

    Greg's response: It's a real challenge.
    Greg's response: It's a drag.
    Greg's response: A fifteen minute monologue on his job history.

  3. There is a moment of silence which Alison feels is a bit uncomfortable. In an effort to stimulate conversation, she starts to talk about:

    Her trip to Ireland last summer.
    How traumatized she was after the breakup with her last boyfriend, and how long it took her until she was able to think about going out again.
    Some of the cases her older brother handled as a detective.

  4. Second Date - Alison asks: You know, last time you mentioned that you like to play piano. How long have you been playing?

    Greg says: Since I'm a kid.
    Greg says: I don't like to play piano. I love it. I don't just play. I also compose and arrange. In high school I was the main pianist for the Junior Philharmonic, and I did the background music for all of the school plays and musicals. In addition, I was accepted to Juilliard, but in the end decided that while music is wonderful, it doesn't bring in very much. So I studied business in Columbia.
    Greg says: Well, I first started taking formal lessons when I was about five, and I never really stopped.

  5. As Greg and Alison are walking together, Greg pulls out a pack of Marlboros and lights up. Greg doesn't know it, but Alison is a charter member of her neighborhood's anti-smoking league. It is a passionate issue for her because her grandfather was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer.

    Alison says: If you don't mind, I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke.
    Alison says: Please ask before lighting up.
    Alison says: I can't believe you smoke. It is a disgusting habit. And do you have any idea of how harmful it is? You're endangering my life and yours.

  6. During the course of conversation, Alison affectionately mentions her two pet cats. Greg loves cats about as much as Alison loves smoking.

    Greg's response: I could never marry someone with cats.
    Greg's response: What are their names?
    Greg's response: I hate to say it, but cats are not my favorite animal.

  7. Third Date - Greg and Alison are on their way to a concert. Alison advises Greg to take surface streets, but Greg opts for the freeway instead. Sure enough, they get stuck in a major traffic jam.

    Alison says: Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.
    Alison says: Don't worry, Greg. We can enjoy this time in the car, too
    Alison says: When I'm driving at this hour, I always take the surface streets. For some reason, this freeway gets jammed all the time.

  8. On the way out of the car, Greg notices that Alison's outfit is hunter green, his favorite color. He thinks it looks particularly attractive on her. He says:

    Very nice outfit.
    You look hot tonight, babe.
    You know, Alison, that color looks great on you.

  9. An hour before they're supposed to go out, Greg finds out that its; Alison's birthday. Panicked, he runs out to find a present. At the end of the date he:

    Gives her the most expensive bottle of perfume he could find.
    Gives her flowers.
    Says, "You know, Alison, I know it's your birthday tonight. But I only found out an hour before I had to come pick you up. I rushed out to find something for you, but realized that 45 minutes just isn't enough time. I'm sorry."

  10. Greg buys the flowers. When he presents them to Alison, she says:

    Thank you so much, Greg. They're beautiful.
    Oh, Greg, how sweet of you.
    I was wondering if you knew it was my birthday or not.

So how'd you do? Did you manage to identify the ten stupid things you shouldn't say on a date? If you did, chances are that your dating communication skills are well-polished. If not, re-read the answers and get working! Or check out our article, How to Survive and Even Enjoy a Blind Date which discusses good communication skills on a date.

You'll be surprised to find how much more smoothly dating will become once your communication skills are on par.

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